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There are few female characters in media that are as strong as Agent Carter. When we found out Besame Cosmetics was planning an Agent Carter collection we were so  excited! It's not often that we get makeup mirrored after our favorite heroines, and Peggy is definitely up there on that list. We love the way that Besame takes inspiration from both vintage makeup and the aspects of the show to create one a kind unique pieces. We are so thankful that Besame was gracious enough to let us try out these different pieces from the collection. We definitely will be back for more! Besame lipstick in the shade red velvet was the color Agent Carter wore on the show and therefore this partnership was kismet! Besame created three new pieces of tech for agents; they include a Passport Eyeshadow Palette, Invisible Dusting Powder, and 102 Sweet Dreams (Lipstick).These are the products we will be reviewing today. Keep scrolling to see our looks inspired by them!


This eyeshadow palette is the most travel friendly of the Besame eyeshadow palettes. It includes eyeshadow shades to create day and night looks. This palette is disguised as a vintage British passport. Each shade is inspired by the TV show. These eyeshadows are very blendable and easy to work with. 

On Paola's eyes: Allies, zero matter, and Midnight Oil
On Kirsten's eyes: Dugan, English, and Leviathan

Shades included (from Besame website):
DUGAN a beautiful shimmer brown, ZERO MATTER a shimmering buttery beige, ENGLISH a pastel shimmery pink, ALLIES a shimmery army green, LEVIATHAN a deep matte purple, and MIDNIGHT OIL a dark matte brown. 


We felt the presentation of the palette was absolutely gorgeous and unique. As for the colors themselves they are very rich and buildable. They are perfect for everyday wear, or making it more dramatic for a night time look. We liked how the shadows were pigmented enough that they could be seen easily on both our skin tones. We did find that the darker colors tended to show more on Paola's skin tone, as opposed to the lighter shades. However since they are buildable we had no problem getting them all to show, and it has become our go to palette.


Invisible Dusting Powder (Vegan)


This powder is the perfect addition to any makeup routine. This powder blurs your skin and makes it look flawless. Kirsten's favorite way to use this powder is to pat it right under her eyes to get rid of the creases and brighten them. This powder is white and needs to be blended into the skin or it will keep a white cast on the face.

We love how incredibly lightweight this powder is and how easily it blends into the skin, it adds an almost "air brush" effect to the skin. Paola likes to use a light dusting of it all over her face for that photo ready finish. It goes on very smoothly, is not heavy and lasts through a hot florida day. This is definitely our favorite powder formula yet!


102 Sweet Dreams (1946 Red Velvet in classic) is a beautiful neutral red shade in a case that is accurate to the show. The lipstick is the lipstick shade Agent Carter wore on the show. 


This lipstick is the same amazing formula as other Besame lipsticks so we knew we would love it! They are long wearing and packed with color. The lipstick can be a bit drying so you will want to make sure you use a lip balm before and after wears as well as exfoliate the dead skin. The lipstick is great on its own or can be paired with your favorite lipliner to insure it lasts all day and has no bleeding. 

We are no strangers to red velvet as it was one of the first shades we got from Besame, however the new and exclusive design of the lipstick tube truly sets this shade apart. This is one of our favorite reds to wear. It is very matte, pigmented and flattering on all skin tones.


Styling and makeup

Paola's Outfit Details: 1940's dress: Vintage, Black platter hat: Vintage, Black heels: Thrifted, Pearl earrings- Vintage, V for Victory pin- Besame Cosmetics

Kyra's Outfit Details: Pink blouse: Thrifted, Rose dress worn as a skirt: Hell Bunny via Doll Me Up inc, Belt: Thrifted, Black t-strap shoes: Zulily, Agent Carter pin: Besame Cosmetics


We hope you enjoyed our review on the agent carter collection, it was one that was highly anticipated and for good reason. We were so excited for this collection to be released and it did not disappoint! We cannot thank Besame enough for letting us test and review these products. They are incredible and we cannot recommend this collection enough. If you had to only get one thing..well we'd say it's too hard to choose.  They have easily become some of our favorite make up products yet, and made their way into our everyday looks. Thank you Erick Paul Photography for taking these amazing photos. 

Besame:                                                 Erick Paul Photo

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As always thanks for reading, may your days be filled with pretty dresses, dapper clothes & a lot of happiness. 

Paola & Kyra xx 

*DISCLAIMER: These items were given to us for free by Besame, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. *

Music is life, that's why our hearts have beat

We here at the thehepburnmovement strive to show the diversity of pinup/vintage culture every chance we get, to show that ANYONE and everyone can be a pinup regardless of your age, sexual orientation, or race. That despite the lack of representation in the media, we exist and are here to inspire others to step out into the spotlight. People from all kinds of nationalities and identities make up this community and we aim to show that with every post. We want to highlight the wide variety of pinup/vintage loving people because they come from all walks of life, and deserve to be seen. This weeks pinup is...

Miss Tammi Savoy

It is an honor to be able to include Tammi's story with all of you today and share her pinup journey. She is such a huge inspiration to us,not only is she a gorgeous pinup but also incredibly talented singer, hair stylist & most importantly amazing mom. She juggles the struggles of parenthood with grace,poise and elegance, something we hope to achieve one day. Not to mention that she never backs down from what she believes in champions for women's rights, is outspoken about equality for all & is super kind and down to earth. We are so grateful to share more about her today!

Photographer: Vavoom Pinups

When did you get into the pinup life style?

I have always loved the pinup style since I was a young girl. I remember seeing Gil Elvgren paintings and thinking that they were so beautiful. It wasn't until I was an adult that I was able to make it happen. In 2014, I decided that I would make a calendar for my husband. I went to Vavoom Pinups and had the best time of my life. They gave me a makeover, styled my hair, and helped me with posing. I have been hooked ever since. 

Photographer: Vavoom Pinups

Who is your biggest style inspiration?
There are so many lovely women who have paved the way. It is so difficult to choose just one. I will say that growing up I always loved to see Old Hollywood Stars. I didn't watch as many classic movies as I do now, but I do remember seeing Dorothy Dandridge for the first time and thinking that she was so beautiful. I loved the way she dressed and always wanted to dress that way myself. I also loved when I saw the Supremes on TV. I thought that they always looked so elegant. I would imagine myself being on stage and performing with them.  

How does it feel to be a minority in the pinup community? 
I really don't think about it much to be honest. I dress this way because it is what I love to do. I think that everyone including minorities should always do what they love and wear what they want. I will say that it makes me very happy to see that so many people are starting to embrace this style and are more comfortable wearing what they love. I will admit that I am guilty of thinking that 

Photographer: Vavoom Pinups

We hope you enjoyed this installment in "anyone can be a pinup"! We have admired Tammi for a while and are so happy that she agreed to participate! Tammi Savoy has a voice that can captivate you! You need to click on her youtube link to hear her sing! Not only is Tammi super talented she is also one of the nicest people we have met in the community!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of "anyone can be a pinup" we are so thrilled to be bringing the series back with none other than the fabulous Miss Tammi, she is truly an inspiration to us and anyone who has the pleasure to know her. We are so thankful that this series has given us the opportunity to meet and learn more about incredible people in the community.

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As always thanks for reading, may your days be filled with pretty dresses, dapper clothes & a lot of happiness. 

Paola & Kyra xx 



Tammi Savoy 

How to dress like "thehepburnmovement" Part 1: Online shopping

Where do you get your clothes? Where do you find your vintage? Where are all your hats from? How do you find such wonderful pieces? These and so much more are questions we get asked on a regular basis and while we do our best to always tag the source, sometimes that's impossible. Not to mention that a lot of our clothes is thrifted, found online, and through various different channels. While there isn't one straight answer; we thought it was time to share our favorite tips and tricks to achieving a fabulous wardrobe on a limited budget. We are pinups on a budget after all. We believe that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to look good. We want to share with you, our dear readers, some tips and tricks we have learned over the years that have made it possible to dress fabulously while on a budget. We aren't experts by any means,but we are here to help and share our knowledge with you. So keep scrolling to see how you can dress like "thehepburnmovement"!

Tips & tricks

Unfortunately we aren't able to procure many true vintage items in person, as the sellers in our area who charge affordable prices are far and few in between. However thanks to the power of the internet and the amazing vintage community online, we are still able to dress the way we like without breaking the bank.

First off is quite frankly the most important tip of all


 Now why is this so important? Well for a few reasons, a lot of vintage is delicate and being over 70 years old we don't blame it. That means if you buy something too small, there are chances of it getting ruined when you try it on. The second reason is a lot of vintage is NOT stretchy, the materials used to create clothing were completely different back then especially compared to today's clothing. Spandex and elastic waists weren't very common especially for the styles of clothes we wear. Last but certainly not least, our sizing today is completely different to how it was 70 years ago or even older. There are no sizing charts when it comes to vintage; your measurements are key to ensure a garment will fit comfortably and well. Some common measurements to have handy include bust, waist, and hips as well as your max length that you are able to wear. While there are others that may come in handy, these are the most common ones shown when items are  listed and that will help you when shopping for vintage.


Secondly, know what you are searching for and we don't just mean a pink frilly dress. Specifics will help you truly narrow it down to find exactly what you're looking for and not spend hours aimlessly scrolling through pages on the internet. We have a few key words we like to use, but feel free to tailor them to your interests as they are fool proof regardless of which style you like.

 Key words we use when scouring the internet:


-Wounded bird/ TLC (these items will need some love to make them wearable again, but they will be discounted)
-The decade (1940s/40s, 1950s/50s, 1960s/60s)
-The style (pencil/wiggle, circle/swing, shirtwaist/shirt dress, day dress, gown)

Take for example this outfit was found typing in 1940's  green dress.

This one was found searching for a yellow 1950's gown

 Ball gowns and party dresses

If we are looking for a vintage prom dress to wear to Dapper Day we would search- Vintage 1950s prom, Vintage 50s dress formal, Vtg prom dress, and any other combination because each seller uses different verbiage. Some examples of our gowns found this way are shown below.

Favorite sellers/stores to shop from

Now while we rely heavily on vintage swap and sell groups on facebook; sometimes we simply can't find what we're looking for in our price range on them so that's when we turn to our favorite stores/sellers. Instagram and Etsy are amazing platforms to connect with sellers, favorite shops, and keep tabs on them for future purchases. A lot of vintage sellers sell primarily on instagram or have sneak peeks to Etsy sales on there. So we definitely recommend following them on instagram if you can. We understand that social media isn't for everyone, so Etsy is our next best option. It is free and easy to use it allows you to favorite items, sellers, and even create different lists and categories for vintage items.

Some of our favorite sellers include,

While we enjoy browsing Etsy from time to time, our tried and true favorite is Ebay. That's right you can find vintage on Ebay as well as other platforms if not better. Here is where key words and measurements truly come in handy. Ebay is a surprisingly good source for vintage, if you know what you're looking for.

 We also keep an eye out for sellers that have "Best offer", because with those items you can typically get a good deal because they want the item gone.

We hope you enjoyed the first installment of this series; while we know online shopping isn't for everyone we wanted to share tips for those who are fans or want to try it out. Shopping online can be incredibly daunting with returns, shipping, and not being able to try it online. Just like in person shopping its risky and scary, but we hope after reading this post you can do it with confidence. While our collection certainly didn't happen over  night and we are by no mean experts. We just want to help others achieve these looks in a way that won't break the bank.  Thank you to everyone who reached out, suggested this idea and even helped with tips! We hope you found this helpful and make sure to keep an eye out for part two where we tell you how we source vintage in person. 

If you have any comments, questions or even suggestions on what you'd like to see us do next, feel free to comment below and we'll do  our  best to reply in a timely manner.

As always thanks for reading, may your days be filled with pretty dresses, dapper clothes & a lot of happiness. 

Paola & Kyra xx