These lipsticks are sheer perfection

We are no strangers to lipstick especially not Besame Cosmetics lipsticks; if you've been following along for awhile now then you know that we are huge fans. So much in fact that they have become our everyday go to lipstick. Besame just has so many different options to choose from whether you're looking for a bright pink or  a vampy red and everything in between they've got you covered! That's why when we saw that they were releasing new shades and a new style of lipstick we were over the moon! The sheer lipsticks from  House of Besame are inspired by the soft natural touch of color that the victorian era had. These lipsticks are meant to be applied just for when you need a little bit of color, nothing too strong and be moisturizing and long lasting. Three shades are currently available with two being all new colors, Mint Rose and Berry  red. The third is a sheer version of their popular shade Chocolate kiss. We are so excited about this new Besame line and are so thankful that Besame sent us these new products to try and review, we can't wait to see what else they have ins tore for their House of Besame line. Keep ons scrolling to see how we wore these shades and our thoughts on them.


House of Besame
is the newest extension from Besame Cosmetics. From the Besame website: “House of Bésame,” an indulgent extension of the classic Bésame Cosmetics you know and love. This new collection features skincare rituals long-forgotten and enhances natural elegance. It’s effortless for everyday use, yet effective for timeless beauty.

We all have days where wearing a drying lipstick is not ideal, for those days we reach for the Debutante Sheer Lipsticks! These lipsticks are very moisturizing and perfect for everyday use. The lipsticks include jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, and oat oil. 


We are huge fans of how moisturizing these lipsticks are, but that has also proven to be an issue if the lipstick gets warm it will possibly break. We decided to do lip swatches of each of the colors so you can see what they look like on each of us. Keep in mind that Paola has very pink toned lips and Kyra has more red toned lips, because this does change how the lipstick looks like when worn.

Mint rose:
Mint rose is a "your lips, but better" shade. It is a light pink that can work on any skin tone, because it will change with the pigmentation of your lips. 

We were pleasantly surprised by this color as we were scared it may come off more sheer than pink,but it is one we felt complimented both our skintones.

Chocolate Kiss:
 Chocolate Kiss is more warm than the other two lipsticks. While it is called Chocolate kiss we think it is a more coral color. One that works beautifully on all skin tones.

Chocolate kiss the original formula is already a tried and true color in our lipstick collection so we were very happy to get it in the sheer version as well. Its a more subdued version,perfect for just a little bit of color.

Berry red: Berry red is just that a sheer red lipstick. This is the color we were most enthused about because we loved the color pay off, it definitely looks like you've just had a fresh batch of berries when being worn and we love that. 

It's perfect for those days you want a more subtle red look but still want that extra color. It's definitely the most pigmented of the new colors.

Styling & Makeup

Paola's Outfit Details: White blouse- Vintage/ Pink dress as skirt- Vintage/ Shoes- Thrifted /Hair flower- Crescentateliercreations

Kyra's Outfit Details: Pink Blouse- Thrifted/ White Skirt- Thrifted/ Pink Belt- Hell Bunny/Jelly Shoes- Ebay/ Hair Flower- BelleBlossoms

We hope you enjoyed this review of Besame cosmetics newest lipsticks from their new brand "House of Besame". We were so excited to be able to try them out and can't wait to see what else they have in store!
These lipsticks have became staples for both of us, because they are so hydrating. While we love the original lipstick formula, we definitely find ourselves reaching for these as the weather gets cooler due to how incredibly moisturizing they are. If you're looking for lipsticks with a nice color pay off, moisturizing formula and beautiful packaging we can't recommend anyone better than Besame!

Thank you Erick Paul Photography for taking these amazing photos. 

Besame:                                                 Erick Paul Photo

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As always thanks for reading, may your days be filled with pretty dresses, dapper clothes & a lot of happiness. 

Paola & Kyra xx 

*DISCLAIMER: These items were given to us for free by Besame, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. *

No tricks just treats!

It seem's like Halloween posts are becoming a tradition! This year we collaborated with Daniela from Mypremieramour to bring you something spookily sweet and utterly fantastic. Daniela is always a huge sweetheart and an absolute pleasure to work with. We were honored to be able to model some of her new pieces from her Halloween inspired line. She made them bespoke to our measurements and we have nothing but praise for her! Keep scrolling to see which pieces we chose and to see how we styled them. Oh and fellow ghouls, Happy Halloween!

About the collection 

We asked Daniela (the creator of My Permier Amour) to explain the idea for this collection and the inspiration behind it. She said she wanted to make a collection inspired by 1940s and 1950s Halloween ephemera. They depicted a simpler time, therefore she wanted to keep the silhouettes simple but add sweet touches like candy and jack-o-lanterns. 


Trick Or Treat Blouse : I'm not going to lie I was a little apprehensive to try this top as orange and I haven't always been the best of friends. However this top has forever changed my mind about orange, it's the perfect pumpkin orange shade.  This top is incredibly comfortable, a light weight 100% cotton waist length top that can be tied for a loser or tighter fit. It's the perfect length to wear with highwaisted items and instantly adds a sweet touch to any outfit. Daniela's attention to detail is second to none from the prim and proper collar to the fake rolled cuffs,to the candy appliques on the pockets. This top may be called trick or treat but I can assure you that you're in for nothing but treats when you wear it.

Trick or Treat Skirt: The Trick or Treat skirt is a full circle skirt made of black cotton-poly blend.  Due to the fabric the skirt is able to keep its shape well and doesn't wrinkle too much. The skirt has pockets with felt candy details. The candies on the pockets are some of my favorite sweets! You can even fit an iPhone in the pocket! The skirt is so comfortable to wear. The waistband of the skirt is large enough that it will lay flat without a belt.

Hey Pumpkin! Blouse: This blouse is a black full cotton blouse with with Jack-O-Lantern pockets on the chest as well as orange contrasting sleeves and collar. Paola commented on most of the aspects of the blouse (because they are the same in many ways). I loved where this blouse fell on me; I have a short torso and this blouse hits exactly where I would like it to. The blouse is lightweight enough for Florida which is hot year round, but will  still work in many different climates. 


Paola's outfit details: Trick or Treat blouse- Mypremieramour/ 1950's black skirt-55thousanddresses/Black Iones-Baitfootwear /Black 1950's platter hat-vintage/1950's orange belt- VelveteendollvintageSorcellerie pin- Mypremieramour/ Mickey pumpkin brooch- CharmedandCozy

Kyra's Outfit Details: Hey Pumpkin! Blouse - Mypremieramour/ Trick or Treat Skirt- Mypremieramour/ Moon Earrings- InsomniacCreationss/ Shoes- Thrifted

We hope you enjoyed this review of Mypremieramour's new collection. While it may be targeted towards Halloween we feel these pieces are versatile enough that they can be worn year round. We have worked with Daniella in the past and simply can't recommend her enough, if you're looking for unique pieces hand made with love and incredible details she's your gal. We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween! 

Mypremieramour links:

Kyra would like to thank Ben Turrell for photographing this outfit for her.

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Paola & Kyra xx 

*DISCLAIMER: These items were given to us for free by mypremieramour, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. *