Small Business Sunday: Put the D in Disney

Sparkles, Disney, brooches that don't break the bank? Count us in! Those are two of our favorite things in one sentence and we couldn't be more excited, for this collaboration. As most of you know we are avid brooch wearers, because we are accessory challenged (This is not an over exaggeration sadly, but we are trying to step our game up.) We have been wanting to get our hands on Disney brooches for a while now, but we couldn't find any that fit our regrettably small budget and fit our specific needs until now (because everybody needs a sparkly Disney D brooch in their life, Am I right?). Kirsten recently got approached by Lola D's Boutique , an Etsy store that carries some of the most adorable brooches you will ever lay your little eyes on! She has a wide assortment of brooches, not just disney ones which means that she has something out there for everyone. We will definitely be showcasing some of her other pieces in the future, but for now enjoy our review on her gorgeous Sparky D Brooches!


Lola D's Boutique is owned by Kristen, a lovely lady from Los Angeles who by day is a graphic designer but by night is a fairy godmother to those of us with little pocket change. She prides herself on making quality items for a fraction of what others charge! Much like us she is Disney obsessed and the brooches show that from the classic Disney D to a mermaid she will make it all! Lately she has also been adding brooches that aren't so Disney related such as batman inspired brooches. The brooches are handmade by Kristen herself. She makes them with resin with a sturdy pin back. They are the perfect size to show up in photos (this is a big deal for us!). Her packaging is also a HUGE plus and she included some adorable Mickey mouse hair clips for us. 

The pin back is actually place on the top of the D as  opposed to the side and we love it. Its not something we would've ever thought of,but the pin placement makes a huge difference. The brooch stays firmly in place and can be worn anywhere due to its size. At first glance the brooches appear to be one color when in fact they are a myriad of sparkly colors such as blue, silver and gold, meaning they can go with a variety of different things. This was a pleasant surprise for us because it means we have plenty of outfit ideas for the future! The price point is incredibly affordable and theres definitely something for everyones budget which makes us love them even more. For cute packaging, versatile and adorable brooches, affordable pricing and an overall sweet and thoughtful owner. We Give LolaD'sBoutique's Sparkly D Brooches a 10/10.



Paola's outfit details: Black collared wrap top-PUG/ 50's striped day dress worn as a skirt-Vintage/Jennifer Petticoat-Malco Modes/ Ida Aqua blue-BAIT/ Black round jewel adorned hat-Vintage (gifted)/Sparkly D brooch-LolaD'sBoutique

Kirsten's outfit details: Blue scoop neck long sleeved dress worn as a top-Forever 21/ Black pencil skirt-Forever 21/ Silver t-strap flats-Zulily/White belt-thrifted/ Sparkly D brooch-LolaDsboutique

We hope you enjoyed our third installment of small business sunday, we are really enjoying this new segment and meeting amazing people thanks to it. Not only have we partnered with amazing small business owners but also incredibly thoughtful and kind people. We have made new friends and new experiences thanks to it. Kristen from Lola D's Boutique is no exception, not only are her pieces incredible quality and affordable but they are made by a fairy godmother nonetheless. After all it's as if the universe heard our qualms and brought her to us, and she did not disappoint. If you are looking for well made and reasonably priced pieces then look no further than Lola D's Boutique.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns or even suggestions on who you'd like to 

see us work with next  feel free to comment below and we'll do  our  best to reply in a timely manner.

As always thanks for reading, may your days be filled with pretty dresses, dapper clothes & 

alot of happiness. 

Paola & Kirsten xx 

Aka "thehepburnmovement"

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