Princesses and the Peasant (Tops)

Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around we've got an exciting tale to share with you. There is this magical world that lies deep beyond the mainstream, this world is Pinup Girl Clothing and in it you find the most beautiful and breathtaking garments a princess can don. There's one item in particular that makes us feel like the amazing well dressed princesses that we are, EVERY SINGLE TIME we put it on. That's why it's finally getting a post of it's own.The peasant top is one of the most popular style of tops sold by Pinup Girl Clothing and the reason is clear... People love it! They are made in the USA, mostly cotton, super flattering, and comfortable! It's like a mythical creature it's so good you almost can't believe its true! We are quite fond of the peasant top, with it's extremely flattering cut and vast array of colors available, it is unparalleled in the pinup top world. We all have that one item of clothing that we could wear 10000000 times and NEVER grow tired of it right? (It isn't just us, even if you won't admit it we're onto you!). This is our holy grail top, if we could we'd own it in every color imaginable because it is just that good. We aren't lying when we say we love them, they've become a wardrobe staple and we probably wear them once a week if not more. If that's not true love then we don't know what is, and after reading our review we're sure you'll be in love too! 

It should be known that neither of us paid full price for our tops, because we wanted to try them out but were scared of the hefty price tag, so Kirsten found hers off EBay and Paola got hers in a swap. So our opinions as ALWAYS aren't influenced by the brand itself but this is a disclaimer incase you were wondering. It's safe to say that we are in love with them, but as is with real love they aren't exactly perfect however we still love them despite their flaws and we're sure you'll see why! We are both planning on getting more peasant tops in the future (maybe even full price)! These tops are extremely versatile, you can wear them with skirts, pants, shorts, nothing... On second thought maybe not nothing at least not out in public anyways. One of the things that makes these tops so versatile is the classic shape, you can see tops of this style featured on many stars and even in art from Sophia Loren to Al Everling pinups! The style of the peasant top is based off a blouse that was popular in the 1940's, thanks to Carmen Miranda. We feel it's important to note that these are the older run of the peasant top they have been redesigned recently to have more bust room to accommodate all sizes better. Our review is based solely on the old run since we do not have any of the redesigned ones yet (we say yet because it won't be that way forever so stay tuned for a comparison post sometime in the future). So our review reflects the fit of the original peasant top and we hope you still find it helpful.

Kirsten is wearing a size small her measurements are 34-25-37 and she felt it was pretty true to the size chart if not a bit roomy. She could've sized down if needed but comfort wise she decided to do a small (by comfort we mean for the days when one Oreo simply won't do). The overall fit wasn't affected by the extra room and she still felt like royalty while wearing it.

Paola iswearing a size extra small and her measurements are 30-21-32, it was definitely true to the size chart which Ofcourse would be too big on her. However for someone who's measurements are a true extra small it would definitely work perfectly for you even provide some stretch. It was not unmanageably big and you couldn't tell at all as long as it was tucked in. Since she never wear this top any other way it works perfectly for her, but if you want more of a tight fit and you're closer to my measurements a trip in the good ol dryer might do the trick.

We want to emphasize that they fit true to the size chart for us, with that being said if you'd like a tighter more curve hugging fit and you're in between sizes than sizing down would be your best bet. However we strongly urge you to go by your measurements ESPECIALLY your bust because you can always use shape wear/corset if you feel the need to, in order for the waist to fit better but you can't really do anything about your bust (well anything that wouldn't be very painful anyways or require a bombshell bra).

Now as much as we LOVE these tops (I mean come on we basically live in them), we definitely feel that they weren't designed with smaller/or fuller  busted ladies in mind. So we are hoping that the redesign will fix that, and that way we can love them even more. Theres also the dreaded back zipper bump phenomenon, we call it "the humpback effect". Now this isn't so much of a deterrent as more of an annoyance and just requires tucking them in just right to avoid it. We have no idea if this is a design flaw or if it just happens with all back zipper tops and we never noticed until now. Despite our qualms we feel that the pros outweigh the cons and these are our favorite tops in our wardrobes, especially because you can wear them with or without a bra. We aren't huge fans of tops that limit our choices because it makes us want to wear them a lot less. There's also two different ways you can wear them off the shoulder and on which can completely change the look of top and we love that about them. All in all the PUG peasant top gets a gold star in our book, 9 out of 10 for design, quality, shape and overall fit. We look forward to adding more colors and patterns to our collection/sharing those looks with you.

Paola's outfit details: Peasant top-PUG/Black Jenny Skirt-PUG/ Black grommet belt- Bernie Dexter/Black heels-Gifted/Jennifer Petticoat-Malco modes

Kirsten's outfit details: Peasant top-PUG/ Black 40's style pants-XXI/Nude heels-Chase & Chloe/Black belt-vintage


Now we talk about how universally flattering they are but that's easy to say when it's just the two of us right? Well we've got you covered! We know we rave about the pinup community a lot but it's with good reason,we reached out to fellow PUG members of all shapes, sizes, and from every walk of life to help us show just how UNIVERSAL these tops truly are. As per usual our community didn't let us down and they were the perfect finishing touch to our review. So keep on scrolling to see them in action, on ladies from every place/size imagineable.

extra small

Left to right 1st row:Dana/Lark/Nicole 

Left to right 2nd row:Christine/Eleanor/Darri

size small

Left to right 1st row:Katie/Ani/Monica/Abi
Left to right 2nd row:Abi/Kasi/Jasmine Jennifer/Ashley/
Left to right 3rd row:Carrie/Alyssa/Shelley /Kelsey


Left to right 1st row:/Chelsea/Zoe/Jesi
Left to right 2nd row: Deborah/Taylor/Elizabeth


Left to right 1st row:Kaotar/Hollie/Khirsten /Daniela/Kristi
Left to right 2nd row:Dede/Brenda /Summer/ Ceceilia/Jordann
Left to right 3rd row:Tracy/ Chyree/April /Dede/Emily

Left to right 1st row: Stine/Anita

Left to right 2nd row:Azalea/Deva

Extra Large

Left to right 1st row:Yvonne/Dana/Alyssa
Left to right 2nd row:Clair/Jean/Tess /Aly

 Size 2X

Left to right 1st row: Sara/Sylvie/Jenny/Amanda
Left to right 2nd row:Sarah/BrianaTanya/Ruby
Left to right 3rd row:Noelle/ Naomi/Bibi/Cyndi

Size 3X

Left to right 1st row: Chrissy/Sofia
Left to right 2nd row:Jennifer/Dyan

Size 4X

Left to right 1st row:Kimberly/Brandy

We hope you enjoyed our first ever PUG review, we knew we had to start with the top that's become our wardrobe staple.(first and certainly not our last we can promise you that!). We are huge fans of PUG and the body positivity they garner as well as the empowerment that their brand stands for. Everyone should be able to feel beautiful in the clothes they wear and be able to wear it regardless if they're an extra small or a 4x. Couture for everybody is the motto that pinup girl clothing goes by and it's true! As you can see from this blog post alone, they make items in many sizes from the terrifically tiny to extra lovely! The proof is in the pudding, or in our case the photos of these lovely ladies that the peasant top is universally flattering. Now we know our review will seem a bit outdated once they start releasing the newly redesigned ones, but for now we hope this gives you a sense of their style and fit. For those of you wondering what exactly will change well, the bust has been redesigned to be a more flattering on ladies with all bust sizes and we're excited to get our hands on it.(what!? It's already so flattering! WE KNOW!). We'd like to thank the lovely ladies of the pinup community for helping us out with the blog post today, we couldn't have done it without them and we are so glad to be apart of such a supportive and uplifting community. Whoever said clothes can't bring people together right? We are living proof that it most certainly can!
If you have any comments,questions or concerns feel free to comment down below and we'll do our best to reply ASAP!

As always, thanks for reading may your days be filled with pretty dresses, dapper clothes & a lot of happiness.

Paola & Kirsten XX
Aka "thehepburnmovement"



  1. Look at all these gorgeous gals. Lovely post, ladies. I've two peasant tops, but they won't be the last. Comfortable and flattering!

    1. We are so glad you enjoyed the post! We agree that they are indeed so comfortable and flattering! :)